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Welcome to my home page! Here you will learn about Steven Dickens from the town of Hinsdale, Illinois (about 20 miles west of Chicago) and his travels to Kunming, China ; Paramaribo, Suriname ; and Unalakleet, Alaska. I am currently working as an English teacher for the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) which means I'm also a missionary (since I share the gospel message in my classroom and try to bring others to accept Christ as their personal savior). On this page there is also information about Steve Dickens and his travel to Asia (China and Thailand) and work at the American Cooperative School (Suriname) and the Kunming International Academy (China) where he taught English/Language Arts ; soon there will be some secondary English lesson plans available. Also available are teacher resources and links to educational sites, as well as Steven's online writings and online photo album. This site made on a Macintosh and hosted by Tripod.

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