Teaching a lesson on the Ten Commandments? Looking for some resources that might spark some ideas? Here is a compiled list of web resources that you may find helpful.


the Ten Commandments for Children


The Ten Commandments for Kids

Hosted by History for Kids, this website gives a historical overview of the Moses story receiving the Ten Commandments from God. It also includes a video about the Golden Calf incident, ending with Moses breaking the original Ten Commandments.


Children Ten Commandments

This site offers a teaching idea as well as the Ten Commandments written in language kids can understand.


The Ten Commandments

This page offers a brief synopsis, in child form, of how Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. It also offers a comparison between Protestant and Catholic decalogue.


The Story of Moses and the Ten Commandments

A great children's version of the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Each commandment is explained, and a printable version of the story is offered.


The Ten Commandments

Hosted by Garden of Praise free educational materials. Includes many printable activities such as crosswords and word searches, a list of the ten commandments, a brief synopsis of the story, and a Spanish and Aramaic version of the story.


Catholic Game for teaching the Ten Commandments

Each of these files will link to a .pdf file which can be printed. Open using Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

NOTE: When you click each link, a .pdf file will either be downloaded or opened on your browser.


begin with this page  Introduction and the directions for the game.

use this sheet for the game board

print out these sheets for game cards (or create your own using index cards)


Study Guides/Discussion Questions

A&E TV Classroom Study Guide for the Ten Commandments

This site includes vocabulary words, discussion questions, extended activities, and a video archive


Moral Decision Making

Hosted by the Catholic Youth Ministry: Life Teen. is a lesson plan for teaching the Ten Commandments to middle school youth.


Free Resources for Teachers of Youth (third from top)

Hosted by New Wineskin Productions, and aimed at middle school youth, this page offers a downloadable free resource to aid in teaching about the Ten Commandments


Teen Study Guides (Volume 3)

Study guides on a variety of topics, including the Ten Commandments, with a lesson plan for each commandment and a teacher's guide. Aimed at teens.


Teaching 10 Commandments

Hosted by the Presbyterian Voices for Justice, this page offers a variety of resources and thought-provoking ideas on how to teach the Ten Commandments.

Sample Lesson Plan - Differentiated Groups

This lesson plan (modified from the Madeline-Hunter format) is designed with middle school learners in mind. When teaching to differentiated groups (below level, on level, above level) each group must have its own task, each one covering the same material but in various depths depending upon ability. That work has been done for you in this lesson plan. Materials you will need: copies of The Ten Commandments as prescirbed in the lesson plan.

The Ten Commandments Lesson Plan (.doc)

The Ten Commandments Lesson Plan (.pdf)